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Brad Easterling, Attorney at Law
Greenville, SC

Exhilarating! Mr. Davis really hit a home run with this one. By challenging the collective wisdom, he pushes the envelope and provides alternative perspectives and new ways of thinking about AIDS and HIV.

Dr. Ray Goddard
Castle Rock, CO

Mr. Davis creates an intelligent and thoroughly riveting story-line that combines the drama of a courtroom with the “fictional” account of government cover-up with big Pharma’s true motives. Although it was difficult to put down the book after I started it, I found myself leaving Mr. Davis’ novel, from time to time, to go online and research Mr. Davis’ research myself. This lead to an entire shift in my perspective about what really goes on behind the scenes and how our perceptions are continually being manipulated.

Although some might argue with Mr. Davis’ conclusions, “Wrongful Death” is a fantastic read and provides very tasty food for thought.

Maurine Taylor

I'm 92 years old and I've read a lot of books in my life - A LOT. From the very beginning this book held my interest like few other books have. I didn't want to put it down until I was finished.

And it brought me to tears with all the people who were killed because of the government's inability to take care of this disease. I can't believe how many people died because of the government's carelessness.

M. Dale

I don't know what it's going to take to finally get the world passed it's denial that the HIV/AIDS connection has been a horrible mistake...a giant hoax... but maybe this novel, based on hard, cold facts, will get the attention that Dr. Peter Duesberg's book, Inventing the AIDS Virus, deserved. How this nightmare all came about is unthinkable, but NOT unbelievable. I truly hope that someone in Hollywood has the courage to turn this book into a movie.

Carmie Rodriguez
Charlottesville, VA

The compelling storyline of Wrongful Death: The Aids Trial made it impossible for me to put the book down. The reality of the story hit me to the core eliciting emotions of grief, outrage, regret and sorrow. Stephen Davis has opened my eyes to a horror of significant magnitude.

sunny California

Six months ago, I was one of those who believed that HIV equals AIDS - the story we've all been told for over twenty years by the media and the so-called medical and scientific experts. Then a friend introduced me to an article in Harper's Magazine and challenged me on some of the scientific assumptions, and started trying to educate me about the actual facts of the matter. It wasn't until I read Davis's book that I really got it. Davis has taken some very complex concepts and made them so simple to read and understand. Not only that, but it's a book I couldn't put down. Even the plot is captivating and well constructed. Wrongful Death brings the whole HIV/AIDS story into sharp focus and in my mind should be required reading for everyone who wants to really see what has happened to our medical and scientific industry in this country, and how the big pharmaceutical companies have gained such a foothold and corrupted so many otherwise well-meaning people.

Mark Wayne

In this astonishing book, Sarah asks of the attorney taking on the AIDS establishment, "Why?". I also wondered that of its author Stephan Davis, especially after reading his bio. A former Republican, heterosexual, HIV- and no infected friends and family - what made him go out on a limb and dare to tell the truth? Especially when so many people in the middle of the AIDS nightmare, and in a position to do something, do nothing. In refuting the HIV=AIDS paradigm and shining a light on AZT=Death, Davis backs up all his assertions with scientific references. Will we ever see the steel door protecting the HIV paradigm of AIDS unlocked? This book is an excellent key.

Patrick Parenzee

I watched my friend shrivel up and die of AIDS. I now know it was from the HIV medication he was taking and not from the HIV itself. I'm convinced that had he not taken this toxic medication, he would still be alive. There are books and people around that expose the diehard protaganists.

There are people who are in prison who should not be there and their friends and family are suffering tremendous injustice. Why should this be, and when and how is this going to end?

Michael Gieger

After reading this book, I just wanted to yell out to all the world to Please, WAKE UP!

Stephen Davis! You wrote an extaordinary book that once opened, cannot be put down! This book is a Powerful Truth placed in the context of a courtroom drama that kept my attention from first page to last!

Everyone has always felt in their gut that there was something that just was not quite right with HIV and AIDS. You have shown us exactly what was wrong: ALL of it, from beginning to end. Wrong causes and wrong cures, and our very human ignorance that has kept us enslaved to our fears and cost hundreds of thousands of needless deaths.

You have uncovered and documented the truth and presented it in a way that keeps the reader hanging on every word. The reader is left praying that the AIDS trial you describe would actually come to pass so that all of mankind could learn the lessons involved and learn them before one more life is unneccesarly lost.

Dr. Gary L. Livacari, D.D.S.
Park Ridge, Illinois

I "smelled a rat" regarding the conventional medical explanations for the epidemic of "AIDS" way back in the late 1980's. Shortly thereafter, I discovered Dr. Peter Duesberg and have been following him ever since. I realized that Dr. Duesberg was articulating exactly what I was thinking: namely that the so-called "AIDS" epidemic was much more likely to be of chemical rather than viral causation.

Back then, this was a rather isolated position, as there was hardly anyone of credibility expressing it. Dr. Duesberg was a "lone voice in the wilderness." And we had to be careful what we said back then - as many of us found out - because we were violating the norms of extreme political correctness. We were "radicals."

Over the years I've seen more and more converts to our side, as the truth has slowly seeped out, thanks largely to Dr. Duesberg. With the publication of Stephen Davis'compelling and explosive book, I sense that the tide is finally turning in our favor, and that the accepted "AIDS" paradigm is cracking, soon to be damaged beyond repair. The needless pain, suffering, and death inflicted upon tens of thousands, or course, cannot be reversed.

I heartily congratulate Stephen Davis on writing this courageous book.

Patrick Pithua

I ordered Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial as a Christmas present for my uncle who is a medical practitioner. Until recently I had not known about the controversy surrounding the HIV=AIDS hypothesis, and no doubt I believed everything I read and heard in the media about the scourge. Coming originally from a country that was once called the epicenter of HIV/AIDS, I saw a number of initially very healthy individuals die after starting on anti-retroviral drug regimens and this book just helped in confirming my long-term suspicion about the so-called HIV drugs. A wonderful piece by the author, this book should be a starting point by which you and I can help in reversing a silent but the most deadly conspiracy in the history of mankind.

Edward Lieb
New York

Wow. It's been a while since I've read a book that I didn't want to put down. What I found particularly interesting here was that I've played with the concept of putting the virus on trial in a work of fiction myself, yet Mr. Davis, in very convincing arguments, alluded to none of the crimes which I would made the focus of my trial.

Everett Yelton
New London, NH

While the outcome of this novel is predictable, Stephen provides a few twists and turns to keep the reader’s interest. The AIDS Trial is an easy read, but puts forth a powerful hypothesis, backed by a great deal of research by Stephen that requires this reader to question our government, our pharmaceutical industry and some in our medical profession as well as our own belief as to the cause of HIV and AIDS. I am looking forward to Stephen's screen play and movie!

John Cooke
Auburn, AL

For over a dozen years I have educated myself on the topic of HIV and "AIDS". Fortunately, there are courageous men and women alike, who have persevered and questioned the orthodoxy of the "AIDS" establisment and its destructive policies. To the Duesbergs, Lauritsens, Farbers, Maggiores, (you too, Mr. Davis!), and many more great individuals I have not space to include here, thank you for your efforts!

Mr. Davis, your book was outstanding! I could not put it down! If only fiction could become reality, especially when the fiction is totally based on reality. The supposedly intelligent people in the AIDS industry who have compromised integrity and intellectual honesty for power and money sickens me. And especially for a group of people who supposedly are comitted to saving life. How many lives and dollars would have been saved and more productively utilized if medical scientists and personnel and first followed the adage, "First, do no harm".Mr. Davis, I commend you! Bravo!

NIgel Margetson
London - United Kingdom

We live in an age where profit comes before honesty, and the media print what suits their purpose. Finally we are getting the truth through, even though it has been there for a long time.

Forget the media brain washing, if you want to know all about HIV or/and Aid$ this is one of the books you will need to educate yourself.
We were told and assured the Thalidomide was safe, but then the result was obviously not the case; however with AZT the deaths were blamed on Aid$ and nobody asked any questions, or those that did were ridiculed and not listened to. It's now time to wake up and ask the questions and be heard!

Brilliantly written and although perhaps one sided, we all know the other side as we have been bombarded and brainwashed with it for the last 25 years at the cost of many lives needlessly lost!

Well done, Stephen Davis

Ezette Rodriguez
North Carolina

Mr. Davis, I was Mr. Handleman's listener that won the free copy of your wonderfully compelling book. I am trying to spread the word, to have everyone that I know to read your book and understand that things are not as they always seem. Thank you for writing this book.

Michelle Murphy
Efland, North Carolina

Stephen Davis, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! I heard about your book while listening to you speak on a local radio talk show. Two days later I ordered this book. It is exactly as I expected. I am a person who believes that the medical field is out to make money at others expense. Being that I work for a company that handles the management and distribution of drugs for clinical studies, I see how it all works.

The medical field goes through phases. One week it may be putting tubes in childrens ears, the next week "Z" pack for colds (which don't work by the way). Doctors get kick backs from the sponsers of the study by prescribing the drugs, whether a patient needs them or not. This is the same thing that happened with AZT. Given to the wrong people for the wrong thing so they (dr's) could make money. People will always be guinea pigs whether they volunteer or not.

Maybe one day someone will be able to come forward and do something to the people that are responsible.

Looking forward to next book.

David Crowe
Alberta, Canada

This book really exceeded my expectations. What a joy to people like me who believe that HIV=AIDS=Death was a big mistake. At last we can see ”scientists” like Robert Gallo finally getting their due - even if it’s just in our imagination.

What’s so strange about this fictional account is its incredible accuracy about the history of HIV/AIDS, the political causes of its acceptance, and the scientific questions about the highly toxic drugs used to treat AIDS. The extensive bibliography puts most serious treatments of AIDS from a mainstream perspective to shame. To find a fictional book more accurate than most scientific papers on the subject is bizarre!

This is the second book that I know of, after Crewdson's "Science Fictions," that trashes the reputation of Robert Gallo without being coy about it. Davis doesn't even bother to change his name. I doubt that Davis will be sued for libel; John Crewdson wasn't. You can draw your own conclusions from Gallo's legal silence.

Dr. Henry Bauer
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Anyone who thinks that HIV has been proven to cause AIDS and that antiretroviral drugs have made AIDS a manageable disease should read this book. Those who have already learned better will nevertheless find points of interest as well as enjoyment here....

It is in the nature of novels in this genre, which intend direct instruction on matters of substance, that the characters are ready-made rather than individually developed--think of Upton Sinclair, Sinclair Lewis, Ayn Rand, Michael Crichton in "State of Fear."...

I began reading this book with no inkling that I would be comparing it to those of the just-mentioned writers.... But I did not want to put this book down before I had finished it. It is well paced. It stops how and when it should stop, truly a rarity....

What a movie this could make! ... In the meantime, there is this book to savor.

Joan Shenton
London, England

As I read Stephen Davis's remarkable book I said to myself, "This could have happened. This should have happened." Having followed and participated in the debate surrounding HIV as the cause of AIDS from the very beginning, there is no doubt in my mind that the death of a generation of young men and women who had been diagnosed HIV-antibody-positive took place, caused by AZT. Davis's book is disturbing but also deeply satisfying to read, as through his fictitious narrative he slowly "gets the villains."

This book is important on many different fronts, but perhaps the most important is its presentation of the way in which scientific inquiry can become derailed by financial and ultimately political interests. As well as sticking closely to documented fact, it introduces an important imaginary scenario which, if implemented today, could provide a solution to the current veil of secrecy and censorship in the scientific community.

Frank Lusardi
New York

Simply put, this novel is an impossibility. What author could take a straight-forward, all dialogue, scientific exposition and somehow infuse it with the crackling tensions of "12 Angry Men", the sublime discoveries of the "Microbe Hunters", and the numbing absurdities of "The Pentagon Wars"? And toss a jolting plot twist into the middle of it all? And casually append a 70-page "Plaintiff's Exhibits" (a reference bibliography) as if it were something common to all novels? Behold, that impossibility is here made manifest. To note just one chapter, you've never heard of SMON, have you? Well, you'll be glued to your seat, discovering how Japan's deadly SMON fiasco foretold the far more deadly AIDS fiasco, and you'll marvel that you never heard of it and that a book could bring science so vividly to life.

Helen Hartmann

After eighty-plus years of life, I understand that sometimes truth is hard to find. But you'll find it with complete enjoyment in this novel by Stephen Davis, "Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial." One word of caution: Be sure to allow yourself enough time, because you won't put it down until you finish it.

Kevin Cullinane
Freedom Mountain Academy, Tennessee

Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial is the sort of book described as a "page-turner" by professional book reviewers. It is also the sort of book that could get an author sent to jail on trumped-up charges … or worse. In order to expose a vitally important truth, Davis uses the device of fiction in the manner of George Orwell, Ayn Rand, James Michener, John Grisham, and even William Shakespeare.

As we know all too well, media exposure of the epidemic levels of corporate and political corruption in high places has become commonplace. It is precisely for this reason that good writers must turn to novels in which thinly-veiled truths may be presented in ways that can penetrate a kind of thick-skinned indifference so many Americans have developed due to an over-exposure to the overwhelming magnitude of the crimes.

This is one of those books that comes up seemingly from nowhere and spreads outward in concentric circles. The time has come for Davis' vital message to be heard!

D. D. Steele
Albany, California

I enjoyed the book. It read like a cross between a John Grisham legal thriller and an informative scientific treatise on AIDS.

One of the things that gives great plausibility to this novel is the scientific history of AZT -- the primary drug used to treat AIDS patients from 1987-1996. In short, AZT is highly toxic cancer chemotherapy. When the AIDS experts utterly failed to develop a vaccine, they panicked, floundered and turned to AZT as a Plan B. The problem, though, is that like most cancer chemo, AZT, kills white bloods leading to immune deficiency.

So, if HIV purports to kill white blood cells, Why would anyone take a toxic drug, that also kills white blood cells? Wouldn't this compound the problem, rather than ameliorating it?

In any event, Davis has provided a real page-turner, that shows some of the dark side, greed and incompetence that has permeated AIDS science since its inception 25 years ago. I definitely recommend it.

Harvey Bialy
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Congratulations Mr. Davis, you actually pulled it off and created a legitimate page-turner from the debacle of HIV/AIDS. I am delighted, and a bit surprised as well :). I even learned new dirt about Gallo, in addition to discovering the exact number of annual AIDS deaths post AZT (Harry Barrow indeed!).

Jeff K.

I worked as an HIV/AIDS counselor for nine years. I watched all my friends shrivel up and die of AIDS, but after reading this book I know now it was from the HIV medications they were taking and not from the HIV. Although I am HIV-Positive, I never took any of the medications myself. I’m convinced that’s why I’m alive today. I made a promise to my friends that I would help find the people responsible for killing them. This book exposes those people for who and what they are. I hope every gay man, and especially every HIV-Positive in the world reads this book. You need this information in order to understand the truth behind HIV and AIDS. And you need to save your own life by not listening to those around you who try to intimidate you in taking the HIV medications. You need to do your own research and decide for yourself. This book is a great place to start, because it’s so easy and interesting to read.

Darlene Cutler
Glendale, AZ

Finally, a writer who makes some sense of all the confusion regarding AIDS and HIV. One of the things I liked most was the entertaining treatment of a subject matter that could easily have become depressing, or worse yet, boring, had it been less skillfully written. Even better is the clear manner Mr. Davis was able to achieve in explaining the relationship, or lack of one, between AIDS and HIV. My only problem was putting the book down when time demands dictated. Now I'm hoping for the movie.

I am a picky reader and am delighted to find another writer I can add to my list of favorites: Creighton, Koonz, Grisham, Patterson, to name a few. And now Davis. Yes, I think he's in their league, and believe we'll see some new "handwriting on the walls" and in the halls of best selling authors - to the great advantage of the reading public. I'll be looking for the next book by Mr. Davis.


Absolutely the best book I have ever read! Whether you have HIV or know someone who does simply is not the reason to obuy and read this book. EVERYONE should buy this book. HIV/AIDS affects each and everyone of us on some level. This pandemic has been a tragedy against humanity and we must become conscious of the truth or else we will continure to get sick and die. This book speaks to the listenning of those who seek answers and have an open mind in which free thining may take place. The fictional aspects of this book (name-changes, events etc) are brilliant in that this book would not have been published had there not been a fictional spin on it. The information though is quite factual. Explerience the message this book has to offer and be unlightened. When God calls it is up to us to answer; Few will. I feel this book is a call that cannot be ignored!

Sheri Goddard
Castle Rock, Colorado

I love to read but usually feel I don't have enough time. Well, when I started reading Stephen's book, I found the time. A fascinating read!
I would consider myself pretty aware, but the information in this book just blew me away.

My heart goes out to anyone who had to deal with or still is dealing with this issue of HIV/AIDS. I learned a lot from Stephen's book and hope it gets the attention it deserves. Thank you, Stephen, for your perseverance.

Christopher Davis
Atlanta GA

The medical explanation is presented very well here. The use of courtroom drama in a fictional story is a great way to explain a complex issue and drive it home. I am someone that got lost in biology in high school....but this was easy, and fun, to comprehend.

Sten Linnander
Frankfurt, Germany

If you thought that HIV causes Aids and that, on the whole, the pharmaceutical companies promote the health of the sick, your illusions will be shattered by reading this book.

If the information that Mr. Davis presents is correct - and it is backed up by solid medical evidence by the most respected experts - this book is explosive. It shows, step by step, in a language that anyone can understand, that the invention of the HIV theory and the cynical death-bringing machinations of the companies that claimed to benefit Aids patients have led to so many painful deaths that it rivals what is termed genocide. It is a serious challenge to those who have believed what the media still today chose to present as the truth about Aids.

The only question is if this riveting book will be given the silent treatment or if it will start a new debate about one of the most painful tragedies of our times, a tragedy that continues to this day. And that depends on what you and I do about it.

Dennis Taylor
Chino Valley, AZ

This is a powerful book, a story that needs to be told, and a subject that has to spread to every person with a social conscience. A complicated issue that is written in a way that anyone can understand. If this book doesn’t get your radical juices flowing, then you're part of the problem.

Carl Hartmann, Jr.

What a great book. I was told no one has been able to put it down until they were done. Such is my case. I started reading while we were in Florida for a wedding and read during the flight back to Indiana, which seemed to take about ten minutes. I found it a little upsetting, finishing the book and having to come back to reality. Hopefully your book can change that reality.

Pat Johnson
Austin, Texas

This is really a fantastic book, I recommend every hiv positive buy and read it..It actually tells what Dr Robert Wilner tried to speak about, before being murdered. I know and have watched many close friends that died from the overdosing of AZT back in the early days. The PHARMs are making a mint off hiv medications...

Joe Stokely
Lakeland, FL

Not only was this a great book, but it is they way it should end; but its not. Stephen, I also want to thank you for personally emailing my wife when we found out the truth after 11 years. I appreciate you for being there, your input helped a lot. History will look back on people like you, Duesberg, Mullis, Rasnick, Maggiore, and many many more that I don't even know yet. Although this trial may never take place, I do have a hope that people will wake up to the truth. I'm telling everyone that will listen the truth now and I am greatly encouraged by this book and by the whole rethinker/dissident movement.

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