CHAPTER 3(includes the opening arguments by the Solicitor and the Defense)

Sarah had waited until she got her V8 from the beverage cart and heard the pilot’s prediction of a smooth ride for the rest of the three-hour flight. Now she opens her briefcase and pulls out the trial transcripts Gwen had faxed yesterday. There is a cover letter that had come with them.

Dear Sarah,

Here are the court-reporter transcripts of the opening statements delivered last Wednesday on the first day of the trial. And here are some barebones details you probably need to know for background….

The defendant’s name is Tyree Johnson, African-American, now twenty-six years old. He has been charged with first-degree murder for the death of Beth Ann Brooks, white, just eighteen years old when they started having sex, twenty when she died. He faces the death penalty if found guilty....[more]...

CHAPTER 27(includes an expose of Dr. Robert Gallo on GNN TV)

“So we decided we'd see what we could find out about Dr. Gallo, his record and his life.”

Keating now turns away from Laura and faces the camera directly, which then tightens on Keating, and Laura disappears from the screen.

“What we discovered was, well, as shocking as the rest of the trial has been, to say the least...”

As Keating talks, still shots, video clips, a birth certificate, and copies of newspaper headlines and magazine articles fill the green screen behind him.

“Robert Gallo was born in 1937 in Waterbury, Connecticut. His father was apparently a workaholic who owned a successful company. At the age of 11, Gallo's younger sister, Judith, was stricken with leukemia. Thirty years later, Dr. Gallo would be dedicating his life to finding a virus that caused this deadly cancer.” ......[more]...

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