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Alan John

Reading this book in the United Kingdom, I was amazed to find that all the predjudices associated with HIV still exist in society, and still nothing is being done by main-stream medicine to correct this. My sincere thanks to the author for portraying this subject in such an entertaining and yet informative manner. An excellent, and thought provoking read.


I ordered this only to have long novels to read while in the train. Then I wasn't sure I even wanted to read it. But I'm glad I did. It is interesting, suspenseful, and at times, disturbing. It also made me realize that we need to do our own research and trust our gut on matters, and not do things solely because we're told to, scare tactics or not.

Lauren Case

This is an amazing insight into the whole HIV/AIDS theory. I had heard some things but never realised how much proof there was out there. I am not affected by HIV/AIDS personally or do not know any one that is and I am so grateful that this has opened my eyes to the plight that hundreds of thousands people go through. It is a fiction book, that is very factual, I couldn't put it down. It had me thirsty for information, made it easy to understand and I found myself constantly online checking out if it was all in fact true as I was in disbelief! A thoroughly fantastic way of getting this information out there to anyone and everyone despite all the major cover ups going on! This is an absolute must read for anyone regardless of whether your life has been touched by HIV/AIDS or not - open your eyes and decide for yourself! Amazing!


I am Cuban doctor and I have been working as a family doctor for 13 years......and I have never heard about the dissident theory. I think it is a great book. It is a pleasure to recommend Stephen's books to everyone concerned about the corruption of scientific research and the devastation it is causing to our planet, our society and our loved ones.

C. Mayer

Stephen Davis has done an EXCELLENT job of putting words and ideas in easy-to-understand layman's terms, exposing the Myth of HIV. I congratulate him, and recommend this book to everyone; NOT just those who received a false diagnosis !!!

Karri Stokely

I'm almost speechless! FANTASTIC book!! I couldn't put it down. This is by far one of the best books I've read on the HIV THEORY, mostly because even though it was technically a work of "fiction", every single detail in the book is true and verifiable.

For anyone who needs this whole scientific blunder put in layman's terms and made easy to understand, Stephen's book will do that for you. I have amassed a library of dissident books on the AIDS debacle now, but not one comes close to the clarity that this one does. Here's to you, Stephen, on another job well done!

I can never thank you enough for the passion you have displayed in helping to get the truth out about this terrible disaster. You will affect many lives because of your perseverance.

Dr. Andrew Maniotis

A masterpiece that presents the testing conundrum in such straight-forward, easy to understand chapters that virtually read themselves. Very well done!

Mary Hirzel

Despite the fact that my dearest childhood friend died in the late 80s, allegedly of AIDS, I only became aware of the unanswered questions about the HIV=AIDS controversy as a "side effect" of being on the wrong side of yet another current debate: whether extraordinarily elevated levels of mercury in vaccines during the 90s was responsible for a generation of children afflicted with neurodevelopmental disorders. Once your eyes are opened to the process by which the scientific establishment marginalizes even marvelously well credentialed questioners, it becomes painfully apparent that it is not science, but politics and profit that control the public's perception of "truth."

Sadly, I also believe that the contingent that has the most money and, therefore, the means to have their message repeated again and again in the media - will always be the group that is given credence by the general public. This is a huge obstacle to open scientific debate.

Stephen Davis, however, has come up with one of the only solutions I can think of that has a chance of succeeding in getting these very legitimate and important questions out to the public: entertain them into awareness.

His work takes advantage of the popularity of courtroom dramas, and yet can boast the fact that everything revealed in the fictional testimony is based directly on published science.

It is a pleasure to recommend Stephen's books to everyone concerned about the corruption of scientific research and the devastation it is causing to our planet, our society and our loved ones.

J. Kiefer

I worked as an HIV/AIDS counselor for nine years. I watched all my friends shrivel up and die of AIDS, but after reading this book I know now it was from the HIV medications they were taking and not from the HIV. Although I am HIV-Positive, I never took any of the medications myself. I'm convinced that's why I'm alive today. I made a promise to my friends that I would help find the people responsible for killing them. This book exposes those people for who and what they are. I hope every gay man, and especially every HIV-Positive in the world reads this book. You need this information in order to understand the truth behind HIV and AIDS. And you need to save your own life by not listening to those around you who try to intimidate you in taking the HIV medications. You need to do your own research and decide for yourself. This book is a great place to start, because it's so easy and interesting to read.

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