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After 30 years and 300 billion dollars,
why don't we have a cure or a vaccine for AIDS? Could it be because
we have the wrong cause?
Magic Johnson and Arthur Ashe -
both HIV-positive:
why did one live and one die?
Can we really believe what we hear in all
the media? So what's the truth
about HIV and AIDS?

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16 Guilty
     348 Not Guilty

If you were a member of the jury in this
first-degree murder trial, would you find the defendant, Tyree Johnson...

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Plaintiffs' Exhibits in Chapter Forty-Five


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"I enjoyed the book. It read like a cross between a John Grisham legal thriller and an informative scientific treatise on AIDS."- D.D. Steele, attorney
"Congratulations Mr. Davis, you actually pulled it off and created a legitimate page-turner from the debacle of HIV/AIDS."- Harvey Bialy
"As I read Stephen Davis's remarkable book I said to myself, 'This could have happened. This should have happened.'... Davis's book is disturbing but also deeply satisfying to read, as through his fictitious narrative he slowly 'gets the villains.' The hero, prosecuting lawyer Benjamin Mesick, is a cross between Don Quixote and a samurai warrior.... This book is important on many different fronts but perhaps the most important is its presentation of the way in which scientific inquiry can become derailed by financial and ultimately political interests."- Joan Shenton
"Absolutely the best book I have ever read!"- TooCool ( name)
"After reading this book, I just wanted to yell out to all the world to Please, WAKE UP! Stephen Davis, you wrote an extaordinary book that once opened, cannot be put down! This book is a Powerful Truth placed in the context of a courtroom drama that kept my attention from first page to last!- Michael Geiger
"Simply put, this novel is an impossibility. What author could take a straight-forward, all dialogue, scientific exposition and somehow infuse it with the crackling tensions of "12 Angry Men", the sublime discoveries of the "Microbe Hunters", and the numbing absurdities of "The Pentagon Wars"? And toss a jolting plot twist into the middle of it all? And casually append a 70-page "Plaintiff's Exhibits" (a reference bibliography) as if it were something common to all novels? Behold, that impossibility is here made manifest."- Frank Lusardi
"Six months ago, I was one of those who believed that HIV equals AIDS - the story we've all been told for over twenty years by the media and the so-called medical and scientific experts. Then a friend introduced me to an article in Harper's Magazine and challenged me on some of the scientific assumptions, and started trying to educate me about the actual facts of the matter. It wasn't until I read Davis's book that I really got it. Davis has taken some very complex concepts and made them so simple to read and understand. Not only that, but it's a book I couldn't put down. Even the plot is captivating and well constructed. So not only do I feel like I finally know the truth about HIV and AIDS and AZT, but I also have something concrete I can use when I talk to other people - more than 900 scientific and medical references that are included in the back of this book for anyone to check out Davis's sources."- Trent
"Not only was this a great book, but it is the way this whole thing should end. History will look back on people like you, Duesberg, Mullis, Rasnick, Maggiore, and many many more that I don't even know yet. Although this trial may never take place, I do have a hope that people will wake up to the truth. I'm telling everyone that will listen the truth now and I am greatly encouraged by this book and by the whole rethinker/dissident movement." - Joe Stokely

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"This book, first off, is a GREAT piece of writing; an easy, smooth flowing, and interesting read. Are You Positive has also confirmed my suspicion about the whole AIDS debacle. I've understood for a while now that the FDA, PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES, and the MEDICAL INSTITUTION prove to be more concerned with profit - not health. I really appreciate the information although I find myself sincerely DISGUSTED. Awareness is the key to understanding and this book paints a clear picture of the myth and fallacy concerning HIV/AIDS and the corruptness of the AIDS INDUSTRY. May this open the eyes of all - globally, save the lives of those directly and indirectly affected, and at the very least eliminate the stigma. Thank you so much. Great work!" - Mario Bourdeau

"I am Cuban doctor and I have been working as a family doctor for 13 years...... I think it is a great book. It is a pleasure to recommend Stephen's books to everyone concerned about the corruption of scientific research and the devastation it is causing to our planet, our society and our loved ones." - Ariel
"I'm almost speechless! FANTASTIC book!! I couldn't put it down. This is by far one of the best books I've read on the HIV THEORY, mostly because even though it was technically a work of "fiction", every single detail in the book is true and verifiable. For anyone who needs this whole scientific blunder put in layman's terms and made easy to understand, Stephen's book will do that for you." - Karri Stokely
"I worked as an HIV/AIDS counselor for nine years. I watched all my friends shrivel up and die of AIDS, but I know now it was from the HIV medications they were taking and not from the HIV. Although I am HIV-Positive, I never took any of the medications myself. I'm convinced that's why I'm alive today. I made a promise to my friends that I would help find the people responsible for killing them. This book exposes those people for who and what they are. I hope every gay man, and especially every HIV-Positive in the world reads this book. You need this information in order to understand the truth behind HIV and AIDS. And you need to save your own life by not listening to those around you. You need to do your own research and decide for yourself. This book is a great place to start, because it's so easy and interesting to read."- J. Kiefer
"Once your eyes are opened to the process by which the scientific establishment marginalizes even marvelously well credentialed questioners, it becomes painfully apparent that it is not science, but politics and profit that control the public's perception of 'truth.' Sadly, I also believe that the contingent that has the most money � and, therefore, the means to have their message repeated again and again in the media - will always be the group that is given credence by the general public. This is a huge obstacle to open scientific debate. Stephen Davis, however, has come up with one of the only solutions I can think of that has a chance of succeeding in getting these very legitimate and important questions out to the public. His work takes advantage of the popularity of courtroom dramas, and yet can boast the fact that everything revealed in the fictional testimony is based directly on published science." - Mary Hirzel

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