"This is a wonderful stunning book I've ever come across in all my life. im from Nigeria and we still strongly believed all the myths and lies the AIDS Industry has propagated. This book is indeed an eye opener Thank you Mr Stephen for this wonderful book."

~ Hossana Nwaobilor, Nigeria


"Wrongful Death is one of the most important books written about AIDS, and should be made into a blockbuster film. It is superbly written—I couldn’t put it down, and without the slightest hysteria exposes lethal weaknesses in government services that are supposed to protect us and keep us healthy; the murderous exploitation of drug companies that control governments; and the connivance of the media in lies and deceptions that kill hundreds of thousands of citizens. This is one of the best books I’ve read for a very long time."

~ Peter R Taylor, Australia

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"Wow! These 2 books have opened my eyes and made me question how this happens. Once the facts in the books are presented, I realized how easily people can be blindly led to slaughter. I just can't believe how much of the so-called facts don't add up! It is amazing how misled and brainwashed we can be.
"I work in the medical profession and have seen for myself how pharmaceutical companies try to bribe health care professionals into using and prescribing their products. In fact, our office has been treated to catered lunches every day this week by a different drug company. (Recently it became a law or rule that drug companies can no longer give out ink it doesn't look as if they are 'buying' business.)
"That, of course, is just a small aspect of how something so important as our health and well-being can be 'auctioned' in a way.
"A fellow employee was following protocol this past week, and after being stuck with a contaminated surgical instrument, had to have blood tests done immediately afterwards. She was asked if she wanted the prophylaxis drug treatment. She told me she declined because another nurse friend of hers told her that she had taken them in the past and said the side effects were so bad (even for a couple days) that she would've rather had the disease it was supposed to protect against! Tomorrow my coworker will have a full HOUR of 'counseling' by a Nurse Practitioner before she is able to get the results of her test! I thought it was more than coincidence that I have been reading this book at this time...I shared with her (and many other coworkers) some of the facts revealed to me in this book.
"After suffering through 3 or more HIV tests myself, waiting for the results, twice while pregnant, then wondering why I would need to be re-tested in 3 months, then 6 months. When I think back to those times and the stress of waiting and wondering, it's amazing that I had any normal result. Thinking now of the ridiculous idea that I would have to be re-tested 2 or more times to get 'answers.'
"I haven't had to deal with the stigma and pain of being 'positive' but just the sheer terror of getting a death sentence was enough for me to want to share these books with everyone I know. We all need to wake up and think about our health. Ask questions and research more before just following the 'herd'."

~ K. Brannon

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