What follows is the original paper I wrote in 1997, published on the Internet under the title AIDSgate. It was based mainly on the research of Dr. Peter Duesberg, both from his book Inventing the AIDS Virus and his website, and other Internet sources.

I'm including it on this webpage for two reasons. One, it served as the basis for my plot when I first wrote the WRONGFUL DEATH screenplay and then the novel. And two, it has the footnotes built in to align the references with the text. (I had several requests for this.)

However, please remember that this was written ten years ago, and the original AIDSgate paper only included about three-hundred (300) references. Since then, I have done a lot more research (as the new list of over 1000 references will show) and therefore have a lot better understanding of the issues and a lot more information to share.

In addition, some of the statements in AIDSgate are somewhat out-of-date and had to be revised and updated for the final novel format, especially since GlaxoSmithKline began withdrawing AZT from the American market about the same time I wrote this paper.

I have also had to delete some of the original references to various webpages because those links no longer work.

With those caveats, here is AIDSgate....

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